12:39 pm
Tuesday, 17 March 2009
Malaysian Night 2009 - A night to remember
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13 th March.
Finally its over.
2 biggest events took place that night.
Malaysian Night & sotong's birthday.
Missing the committee dy..
Next up seeing them, postmortem meeting for M'sian Night..
& maybe a gathering of some sort?? *hint hint*
Or Dikir Barat tour... hohohoo
will keep this brief.
pictures & captions.. just as i like it!

evidence me doing some work.
arranging seats for the night..
ImPOSsibLE TasK!
pretty tickets..

& vvery pretty booklets!

girls prefer the purple ones.. most guys prefer the black cover ones..
which one u prefer??
P/S : Content sama punya.

100 people coming in at once..
Another crazy task.. lasting 45 mins.
Thank you to jia li for helping.
i thought i was breaking down for a while there =.=

3 lovely lovely emcees for the night!
Julian &.....

Wong Wei Jiat with his chaperons.. ehehe
& Adam!
(don't have his picture..
let me paint a picture..ang moh wearing baju melayu hehe)

Fashion SHow!!!

Hui Teng with her kadazan clothes..
Me in modern clothes
I'm supposed to be in the sari.
a glimpse of blur image of me in sari
(francis.. jangan block!)

Ing Ni with kebaya..
Kent with baju melayu

Jay with sam fu..
Lin Foong with cheongsam
(she looked hot tat night! =) )

Ben performing Belaian Jiwa with Julian as mike stand.

hightlight of the night..
"Rojak dance"!!!


PC beaming too!

Intoducing some peeps...i manage to take pics with tru the crazee night.
1/2 the commitee.. + Mr. birthday boi!! (sotong)

soek leng & daryl

jia li!!!

cute cute emma & ann

jeng haw, jiali, huiteng, patrick, jay

MSSNI commitee 08/09!!!
we did it!

and the no.1 cheerleader of MSSNI is...
"Francis Felix"