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Saturday, 21 February 2009
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Malaysian Night 08/09
"Malaysia as One"
"Satu Malaysia"

*13th March 2009*
*7 pm*
*Holiday Inn Belfast Olympic Suite*
*22 Ormeau Avenue*
*Members - £24*
*Non-members - £26*

(Another reason to dress up ladies!
and to look smart boys...)

To purchase the tickets, kindly contact me, or any of the committee members or email us at mssniqub@googlemail.com. For more information on the night itself, do visit our official Malaysian Society website, http://mssniqub.wordpress.com.

Guest of Honor: Ms ANNA LO
Member of the Legislative Assembly

(She was the first ethnic minority politician elected at a national level in Northern Ireland, and the first politician born in East Asia elected to any national parliament or assembly in the United Kingdom)

A traditional affair..
A collision of cultures..
A gathering of friends and friends alike..
To finally bring forth
a remarkable & unforgettable experience.

It is not just any night, not just any event, not just an occurrence of any sort.
But a celebration like no other.
So let’s.
Let us remind ourselves neverendingly the raison d etre of our love for Malaysia.
And let us celebrate.