12:54 pm
Saturday, 7 February 2009
its about time!!!
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yes.. it snowed.. for the past 3 days in belfast. the first day when it snowed was the heaviest, snowstorm more like it! but can't enjoy it as was rushing to catch the bus to go hospital which is out of belfast. argH! geram..

jus outside my house. on a beautiful friday morning it was stil snowing.. jus briskly.. can see the lil drops of snow falling against my black jacket as backgroud??? hehe.. and the roads look clear cos snow melt dy. to sunny a day for ice to survive long enuff..

scenery of my university covered with white blankets..

where better place to go but at botanic garden to enjoy the remaining snow tat's left...

sight of snow calms me somehow. and warms me =D

and introducing...

full ulster fry! specialty of belfast breakfast.
fried sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, soda bread, potato bread, pancake, potato & top it with an egg!

yups.. sound dam fattening.
3rd time eaten this since i'm here don wory.
caution : face grows rounder after this meal

MM stands for Maggie May's..
got loads of people that morning. especially consturction workers.
can see the glowing jackets in majority of tables.hehe