4:52 pm
Sunday, 18 January 2009
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everyone is leaving soon to NZ and Australia..my closest friends..though we are already far from each other now, but somehow feels further more from each other when u leave then..
will miss u guys like crazy.. and i wish all the best to you guys. with all my heart.. i love u all!!!!

calling you when u were boarding the plane.. all i could say was goodbye. but nvr truly goodbye ok? but it was good to finally hear ur voice after so long. thank you for being there for me and putting up with my rambles. i kno it seems vague now, but u will be alright over there k.
i will always treasure the talks we have.. u kno u have had an impact on me somehow. and i wish u all the best and will always hope the best for u.. i will always love u..please do take care..
my beautiful son.. it has been "role reversal" for a while, u being the parent.. thank u for being there for me... have faith in urself ok? things will be fine although uncertainty feelings will sometimes linger.