9:28 am
Friday, 19 December 2008
welcome so-p
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it has been a very long week for me. dragging my feetday after day just to get by. but out of it all, there were a few good things that happened.. and it made me realise that there are people i could really rely on near n far. and that i am not alone, never was. love u all so much.. *beam*
one of the good things that happened this week involved somone gracing us with her presence. hm... take a guess? *according to the title* =p

jenghaw's friend from dundee. always see her in imu and she's just a bundle of joy. its nice to finally see her again. so hard to get a good picture of her though.. won't let me take her picture. chis
she joined us for our christmas dinner.. La Tasca.
grabbed the Tapas for a Tenner..= unlimited tapas (def:a wide variety of small dishes often served in Spanish bars and restaurants as hors-d'oeuvres or cocktail snacks)
for ten pounds! okok..it may sound exp.. but its like buffet. rm53 for a special christmas buffet among friends?
y not! =)

food was delicious, love the cheese bread! and the paella with the mushrooms just hits the spot! even the ambience was really nice.. very romantic and relaxing ..with candles every where.

finally, so-p's pretty face caught =)