5:18 pm
Tuesday, 23 December 2008
tong yuen
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super SS(syok-sendiri) pictures straight ahead.. don't say you haven't been warned.
transformation of "dont take my picture i'm shy!" Hsu Phie, with the wrath of the camera! bwahaha!!
(eek.. she's going to kill me for putting up these pics..)

sweet couple picture.

manja picture..( this is for u, Puvesh. )

try to be cute picture, with Hsu Phie's feet on my right shoulder. and those aren't my knees... =.=

the killer look.

the zombie.

the seductress.

Calvin Klein? DKNY? FCUK maybe?

and lastly, happy picture! =D

after SS-ing, had dinner together. Jeng Haw debut his master chef cooking skills by cooking for Hsu Phie for the first time...
after days of La Tasca buffet, force-feeding chocolates, overdosed hotdogs and burgers and choc waffles from christmas market, time to cook clear clear food, cheng cheng more like it..
courtesy of TESCO, reduced price section. Thank you!!

mixed vege.

steamed pork with black beans. yummy

grilled trout.

and special appearance by the guest itself, Hsu Phie!
baked her lemon butter cake for us for desert..

*ouch.. please dont kill me ... =(*

apparently this is my "morning look" when i come out of my room everyday for class. housemates proclaimed.
ok lar.. i shall try to keep a neutral face next time ok?

next day's plan (Sunday) -
<11am> go Jay's church watch him perform.
<2pm> make tong yuen!! =)

usually at home, we use the coloured tong yuen. got green, pink, yellow.. this time around in our humble home of Belfast, its special.. got groundnuts inside! hehe

the tong yuen masters..

look like fishballs floating from here.

waiting to be served.

traditionally, suppose to start eating with 3 first..or is it?
oh well.. whatever (someone quotes)
bon apetit! =)