8:30 am
Saturday, 13 December 2008
post-housemates' exam
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Types of signs after exam - game-seeking, sleepyhead or stun/confusion.

Playing Tap-tap Revenge on the iphone, a good way to destress. the game is alot like O2Jam..upbeat songs played with many ball-ball falling down with the line, and tap at the baseline.

Alternate way to de-stress, taking my pillow and getting creative =.=

Supposed to go Tony Roma's.. but it was packed!settled with Springsteens.. a house of ribs.

my ribs.

sealed the night with Starbucks.. stood firm on not ordering starbucks punya hot choc.. saving myself for the best hot choc the nex day *grins*

a pretty picture. reminds me of mine and kevin's paired love cups ..

post-housemates' exams...

pre-crash & burn .....unguarded.

poor little girl u ...
poor little girl.