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Friday, 12 December 2008
7 more days
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7 more days and counting to 20th dec.. till my 2 week Christmas holiday starts! finding it hard to stay focus during teachings in the hospital when.. there are Christmas decorations at every corner of the ward. Glittering Christmas trees, smelly socks hanging everywhere, Christmas tunes played in the air.. and today, Santa Claus paid a visit to Ward 9 North (which is the Cardiology floor) going "Ho Ho Ho" to all the patients and nurses! but i think he's one of the nurse staff.. or even the doctor. cos halfway through he was flipping through Kardexs and giving the patients their meds =.=

i'm so submerged in a festive mood but have to stay afloat to finish up due work before next week ends. 2 General Medicine case reports. kinda finished up one of it liaw.. just in dilemma what to write for diagnosis.. .. , and 1 Cardiology case report, where i took up a patient who has Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome.. which is super rare disease! only 2% of general population has it. cool right?? either that, or i'd be digging my own grave choosing to write this kind of case. Nevertheless, it definitely helps to finish up your work.. when ALL of your lovely housemates are having end of posting exams this week. *stresssss*

Jay's having Obs & Gynae exam, Jia Li having Oncology exam and Pat & Jeng Haw having GP & Geriatrics exam..(gambate guys!! u all can do it!)
can feel the fume of stress suffocating the house. and i'm pulled in..cos i have nobody to kacau! today's last day of their exam dy.. let's celebrate once today ends k! =D