10:56 pm
Monday, 10 November 2008
where i was for a week
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had my one week break..going 4 places in a week sounds craxee. just hopping from one city to another. how to cover each place properly? left patches here n there.. but i've been saying, i am going over to visit the "people" mostly,.. not the place. just to satisfy my urge to see my friends. fullfilled? definitely. =)

From Manchester..


Korean food on the first nite.. so delicious!! see the amount of ppl packed in this tiny restaurant? craving for korean food again.

Indian food.. yumss.. but ain't the same compared back home.

Dear Min and his "malaysian laksa" at Fuzion. I ordered "nasi goreng". literally written that on the menu!

Dear sweet Angel..

to Leeds ...

Leeds University.. atleast one of the buildings. Thanks to Yau for bringing me around all day.

At the Leeds library

At some high end street of Leeds.. alot of these streets there. Leeds being ulu is a MYTH!
4th biggest city in UK? who would have thought. =p

"They're watching me.. "

Playing with the wigs at the musuem. Saw my first mummy there. creepyyyy

To Liverpool..

Dear Ching Li..

Christmas came early. can u spot the little boi in his blue duvet?

The floor was transparent.Was 2-4 floors above. scareeee

Colourful stairs..keeps changing colour. like rainbow =)

European MTV Awards was held at liverpool. when? on the day we left for Dub.. haha

To Dublin .

Templer Bar. Had a south park moment. .hehehe.

Gals of Liverpool at Phoenix park.

Liverpool-ians.. i crashed their trip to Dub.. hehe

Worst part of it all, i was seriously sick on the 2nd last day of the trip. had high fever, cough and flu. triple threat. right after the guinness brewery and lunch. strait away kaput. seriously thought i was in deeeepp shiiiite... outcome of overtravelling. but then.. i would do it all over again. was so worth it. =)

sigh back to reality now. miss those imu ppl alreadi.. those imu times. priceless moments.

cant wait for my next trip!