5:00 pm
Thursday, 20 November 2008
swan break + pre christmas
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we had a dance performance last Monday. we were the ONLY hip hop performance in a sea of contemporary and ballet performance. pressure's on.. but it went well indeed! kinda refreshing break from classical. and we're right after the intermission, so the audience got to stretch their legs and be ready for us! =D

reason why its called swan break..abit of song influence from Swan Lake.. hehe. with a bang.

trying to look cool.. =.=

the crewww...from right, Ruth.. who's our teacher and choreographer.. super talented! all eyes on her when she starts hiphoping,waving,breaking,popping, ballet-ing etc etc.hehe. Patricia, Elaine, Brona and Debra... whos super nice!
didn't have video of our dance cos me or jay didn't record. will get the original recording soon! =p

Attack of Christmas!!

Christmas is a massive event in UK.. even in Belfast. Didn't realise it was coming so soon till it literally slapped me in the face..everywhere i go, a christmas reminder since 2 weeks ago. one of the big events here was the Christmas Light Up Concert in the city, and the official opening of the continental market.

before the lights went on. they had a concert beforehand, alot of singing performances, children choir, Same Difference from X Factor, Scooby doo made an appearance also! =p

dragged both my housemates to go with me, jeng haw n jay

massive amount of people!

the belfast mayor officiating the light up and continental market.

let there be light!!

super uber giant christmas tree.

after the lighting of the christmas tree, we headed ... .. oh wait.. we dashed and squeeze squeeze our way into the continental market.. imagine 1000 people trying to get into the market with just one gate opening.. no one was trampled lar. =p


wondrous chocolate waffle with white chocolate trimmings and generous amount of whipped cream.
shit.. sound dam fattening.
but its soooO tasty.. and.. ecstatic. *faints*
muimui and kevkev will know what i mean hehe


ended the night with yummy burgers.
jay ordered his blue cheese, bacon n beef burger, jeng haw had his kangaroo burger (which i will try next time) and my spicy pork hot dog. ee.. look at the before and after pic.. the hot dog was actually pretty long.

oh well, MIGHT go to continental market again tonight!

excuse : jeng haw's sister from liverpool came over to visit.
actual reason : see beautiful lights and beautiful food which i can't really get a hold off.. so exp!! okok..maybe just a burger and waffle again