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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
jeng haw's birthday
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When i just reached belfast, there was chili's at Victoria Square..was so enthu and glad that there's a familiar restaurant.. one of the fav hangouts back at home, especially birthdays. but haven't open yet!! just waiting by the sidelines, for its "open" sign to be up.. and finally... 2 months later, its opEEEnn!!!!! wanted to go there for jiali's birthday but it was freaking fully booked! this time around, we could finaly get in for jeng haw's birthday.. =D

okokok.. enough about the restaurant and me. this post is suppose to be about jeng haw, my super tall, obvious, honest, loud housemate! he turns 22 this time around..woohoooooo!! old edi..uncle edi.. luckily i'm still 21. hoho (as if alot of difference lidet...)

there.. jenghaw is the one who's only looking at the camera, scolding me with his mata.."why she keeep taking picture wan? this angle not nice!!!"

one with the birthday boi.

jay's scrumptious burger. but the fries back home alot more. remember..?? the fries like cannot finish wan when u eat at home.

patrick's meaty delight with the wrap thingys. the prawns look dam gooood.....*slurp*

a party fav.. bottomless tortilla chips!

mine.. margarita grilled chicken with beans and rice. ordered this cos wanted to try something that malaysia cannot order wan. hehe. should order cajun chicken burger next time around..i always ordered that at chili's MV..cos its the cheapest! but most satisfying ..=D

let Ben show u a sneak peek of the night's attraction....

ta-da...!!!! the wonderfullous beautifulousss cake stuffed with effort and care..

"weih..who bake wan leh???"

with the marvelous baker of the cake. Thank you lin foong!!! =D

ooo.."candid" shot him being so touched.. *sniff sniff*

present time!! so happy. wondering what could be inside this "topman" paper bag. this present was from everyone in our house to our dear housemate.

butt calander + detective books + hearts underwear + hot water bottle

we didn't trick him lar.. the underwear was from topman wan ok! =p

the people that night. had Aberdeen people joining us, weilynn and lydia who came over to visit!

finally a nicer picture of the house. me and all my lovely housemates at victoria square.

that night was so beautiful with the giant snowflakes adourning us.. wished that a particular someone was with me to dance under the lights.. =)

me with some of the girls.. shieling, linfoong, jia li.

we had our own private party when we got home, just the 4 of us. haagan daaz was selling it cheap in tesco.. 2.50 pounds per tub.. how to resist??
ice cream + wine? it doesn't get any better than this..

see that happy twinkle in his eyes??
didn't know what was in store for him later... *evil laughter*

i think we "cheerS!" on alot of things.. from getting married, to getting babies, to exams, to friendship? and most importantly.. to jeng jeng jeng taking another step to adulthood.

the amount we downed that night...

after 3 bottles of wine, 1/4 JD, 1/4 malibu + Mi Wadi... concorction for absolute fun and disaster.
i'll stop at that.

don't worry! i didn't drink so many cups. can count with one hand.. hehe