7:48 pm
Sunday, 26 October 2008
St Georges market
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After 2 months being in Belfast, i finally went St Georges Market. Don't ask me why.. think it was laziness + bad weather + other things to do. eeeK!!! reGgrett! should have discovered this place sooner! absolutely gorgeous.. let me copy and paste wat the market is all about from the internet for introduction..

"St George’s Market is one of Belfast’s oldest attractions. It was built between 1890 and 1896.
It has numerous local and national titles and awards for its fresh, local produce and great atmosphere.
The Saturday Market has a fusion of tempting speciality foods from around the world as well as handmade crafts, flowers, plants and local artwork.
Customers can sample the products or relax with a coffee and a newspaper while listening to some of the best local musicians as they play live. "

so there u go! when we reached there, we were slightly drenched and freexing. the weather was unkind to us yesterday.. raining continuosly and the wind was monstrous! literally pushed me backwards while walking and turned jenghaw's new umbrella inside out (only used once). after an hour walking and battling with mother nature, we reached in one piece!

First thing i entered, the thought that ran through my mind was "high class pasar".
the place is large, beautifully lit, jazz music dancing in the air n pure freshness to the scent. probably mixture of raw meat n fish n bakery. =.=

for the romantic..

for the fishies...

for the sweet tooth..

for the desert lovers.. aka me.
love the bakery.. so fresh..was salivating when i saw this stall. bought a caramel slice, first time ever trying it. it was YUMS!!! 70 pence of goodness!

don't you feel like tying up the table cloth with all the cakes inside and kidnapping them all?

that day got an uncle entertaining us in the middle of the place.. playing saxaphone. created a more pleasant atmosphere.

so for lunch we decided on roast boar.. after scanning all the foods stalls.

the lady added some traditional potato-ish sauce with it..then she told us to top it up with even more traditional english sauce.. apple sauce + mustard.
i only added apple. hehe.

the result was.. yummy! its like meal+ desert.
bite bite, i want something sweet, the apple is there.
bite bite..meat please!
combination of the two = authentic taste.

there were alot of other stalls. selling accesories and cute toys.. even paintings!
will go again soon! next mission, to try the cakes! =D