11:00 pm
Thursday, 30 October 2008
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Phew..*wipes sweat* .. surgery posting finally over.. i think i passed. though my presentation sucks ass, but it wasn't THAT bad.. should be safe kua! hehe.. and passed up my case reports today! sigh. was such a beautiful day, if not for the bug i caught *sniff sniiff*and the freexing weather.

at least a week more before i squeeze back into my table to do case reports..

or touch those books *shivers*
best part of the day..
was coming back home.
guess what was waiting at my doorstep?

was an envelope waiting for me.. with a familiar handwriting

inside was a beautiful dress, from Hong Kong Disneyland.

do you think i can fit in? hehe..
thank you james..
love it so much..
love the feeling knowing i'm remembered and though of.
miss u guys like craxee...
till i feel sick in the stomach.
hard to describe this gnawing feeling.
just want time..

one more time spending my birthday with everyone..

one more time going up the 19th tallest building in the world together..

one more craxee moment.

one more ball..