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Sunday, 21 September 2008
bits and pieces of snoopy
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Next week i start my clinicals, General Surgery at Belfast City Hospital.. no more lazing around edi.. as u can see from my recent posts, it seems i have been staying IN all the time. This whole month i was having Student Selected Component.. something of that like IMU's selective, and my topic was Cancer Prevention & Nutrition, don't be deceived by the title, i didn't learn that much actually.. =.= it has one of the most relaxed schedule. my classes were like.. 2 times a week? classes were held at Royal Victoria Hospital(about 30 minutes walk from my place) , and for this very last time last Friday, i had to go there to hand in my systematic review paper to my module co-ordinator (3000 words wei..walau eh!! ). here's me OUTSIDE the house, on the middle of the pedesterian bridge from the hospital, looking all edematous.

throughout the selective, we were supposed to work in pairs. being randomly assigned to partners, i'm glad i was paired to Anne Marie, sweetest girl on planet earth..and she's a perfectionist to the optimum! so hardworking til she makes me feel guilty sometimes.. ishish.. hope to meet her soon nex time, as everyone's scattered to different locations.

but one thing's for sure is.. i always end up talking about kevkev sometimes to the people i'm getting close to here.. just feels no matter who i am with, where i am or whatever that i'm doing.. i keep a safe spot for kevin in my heart and thoughts. even while watching Zettai Kareshi!! eeee! sobsob.

the scrunchie kev bought for me during my SAM days... held on to it so much after he gave it to me. maybe because it was the first few things he got for me when we started off together. reminds me the times in class when he keeps snatching my srunchie from my ponytail! eee..annoying.. but.. makes me light up!

photo frame of us next to my bedside.. and the watch he gave me for my farewell gift... I'm always wearing it, 24/7 now(minus when i sleep and bath..), till its starting to change colour abit.. sad!! not my fault! always put it at the side of my bed after a long day.

a present from kev's sister..eileen. paired pigs! each for both of us.. but i stole them both when we were moving out of our Vista place.. (hehe..evil.. ) i think i'm the one giggling....kua..see got so long eyelashes!! and kev is the cool cool pig, duwan to smile wan.. with a heart in his pocket.. i hang these both right above my head while i'm sleeping. maybe they're the ones causing me to have such weird dreams all these while..hmm ...

and don't worry kevkev.. the camera is in good condition!! it served its duty well thus far..taking wondrous pictures... show you more when u finally come over ok?? i know he misses his chun camera, but it'll be back in his hands soon before i know it! jaga-ing it like its a real baby.. starting to get attached to it also.. i think after this, i can't accept any other camera already..