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Monday, 29 September 2008
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just a wee summary of what's been going on this past one week..
QUB had alot of arrangements for internationals.. one such event was the Irish Folk Dance a week ago.. where all internationals to gather and to learn their traditional folk dances, then dance with each other. like those olden parties where ppl drink their beers at the long side table, and in the middle couples just dances and interchange partners constantly.
there! can u see me? i'm the one on the far right.. .
hehe.. kidding! fake picture. no way anyone can swing me like tat.

it was just a simple gathering, with one instructor in front, teaching us just the basic 1,2,3 step as there were quite a number of us. 200 maybe? doesn't matter if ur steps are wrong.. or u didnt skip when u should have. just don't get off-beat! then the group will be messed up. we had a band too!! so adorable.. the 2 uncles and auntie playing the instruments in front.

the instructor pulled random ppl for demonstration.

the hall was quite cramp for so many ppl. there were dances where u hv to swing ur partner round n round,but i had to bend my arms so i wont bump into anyone. apatah lagi my arm panjang. don't have picture of me dancing tho! cos once start to dance, hv to keep the camera edy.

my supposed partner, jeng haw. but we keep changing partners..till i end up being the guy sometimes. haha.

one the weekends, siaou merng ( she's from china, pek ha's friend) never tried moci before.. so the house decided to call her over for dinner, and we would make moci!! quite simple to make. involves only glutinous rice, peanuts, sugar and a pair of hands to make them. its time consuming though..especially boiling the glutinos rice, frying the peanuts and peeling off the peanuts skin. (ouch! *panaas**)


didn't have the tumbuk thingy, so had to use the heavy chocolate spread bottle to tumbuk the peanuts to grains. (duno whose wan.. hehe)

the glutinious rice was all in one bowl.everyone jus dipped in, and roll it in the peanuts! fun to do in group gatherings.. everyone's scavenge into the bowl, tugging and pulling the gooooo. yumsy!

jeng haw first time doing turkey!

eeek... yumms! turkey drumstick tastes like duck!

siaou merng cooking her asam fish.. sweet sweet gal! too bad my mandarin is virtually nonexistant.. sigh sigh.

the dinner ..we had curry chicken and lamb as well!

siaou merng and pek ha,who is from malaysia also. my housemates' friends! both doing phD at QUB.
out of fun, pat had to suggest combining glutinous rice with someting else.. after literally being gagged with goo in our tummies way above our limit. glutinuos rice + choc spread...here it goes.

this was how it tasted...


hehe. no lar. actually not too bad. but almost couldnt taste anything edi. too fULL!!!
"hmmm..wonder how it'd taste like with coffee!?"

"ish..just try lar, ting hwey.. " husband wife candid shot =.=

how to resist not attending after a glance at this poster?
was much anticipated! especialy held at Botanic Garden.. here are some of the eateries..

bakery galore.. drool.... chocolate is my enemy nowadays.. i'm slowly losing the battle..

my meal was Burritos! inside consist of rice and lotsa chicken and spicy gravy..was deliciously hot.

apparently it was a frog or something.. done in dough in a bakery!

they had all these competitions as well.. like best flower arrangements... or best tea table setup.. biggest carrot, just alll sorts!

my first surgical week was quite mundane.. surgeons are all so busy to layan us. this is definitely different from IMU.. more dependant on ur self-effort. we're pretty much left on our own. had to find our own case to write up, and surgery to attend.. lectures are no more. more of getting materials online and reading them urselves. but the most memorable experience thus far (although seem very smalllL...).. .........

is putting the scrubs on for the first time... so cool walking around the hospital and finally feeling like ur part of the health care team..that was just the motivation i needed. i couldn't help beaming truout the day! and although some may have been in the OT before, this was my actual first time also! (i kno.. very jakun right..) its just a great feeling.. the operation was just a minor procedure.. the patient had huge huge hydrocele (fluid in the scrotum) and all the surgeon did was an incision, then squeeze it all out. but no operation is too small right! =)

they only let 2 students enter. so during the operation, the anesthesist was bombarded us with questions. luckily i could answer a few. but he was really nice about it all. and along the procedure, the surgeon explained to us what he was doing as well while we watched. in the theatres.. they have a tea room where all surgeons will lounge in between surgeries. virtually got a kitchen. can make tea, coffee, toast, biscuits..eeek!! so nice!

sigh.. belfast. my heart's slowly opening to u

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Friday, 26 September 2008
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Sunday, 21 September 2008
bits and pieces of snoopy
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Next week i start my clinicals, General Surgery at Belfast City Hospital.. no more lazing around edi.. as u can see from my recent posts, it seems i have been staying IN all the time. This whole month i was having Student Selected Component.. something of that like IMU's selective, and my topic was Cancer Prevention & Nutrition, don't be deceived by the title, i didn't learn that much actually.. =.= it has one of the most relaxed schedule. my classes were like.. 2 times a week? classes were held at Royal Victoria Hospital(about 30 minutes walk from my place) , and for this very last time last Friday, i had to go there to hand in my systematic review paper to my module co-ordinator (3000 words wei..walau eh!! ). here's me OUTSIDE the house, on the middle of the pedesterian bridge from the hospital, looking all edematous.

throughout the selective, we were supposed to work in pairs. being randomly assigned to partners, i'm glad i was paired to Anne Marie, sweetest girl on planet earth..and she's a perfectionist to the optimum! so hardworking til she makes me feel guilty sometimes.. ishish.. hope to meet her soon nex time, as everyone's scattered to different locations.

but one thing's for sure is.. i always end up talking about kevkev sometimes to the people i'm getting close to here.. just feels no matter who i am with, where i am or whatever that i'm doing.. i keep a safe spot for kevin in my heart and thoughts. even while watching Zettai Kareshi!! eeee! sobsob.

the scrunchie kev bought for me during my SAM days... held on to it so much after he gave it to me. maybe because it was the first few things he got for me when we started off together. reminds me the times in class when he keeps snatching my srunchie from my ponytail! eee..annoying.. but.. makes me light up!

photo frame of us next to my bedside.. and the watch he gave me for my farewell gift... I'm always wearing it, 24/7 now(minus when i sleep and bath..), till its starting to change colour abit.. sad!! not my fault! always put it at the side of my bed after a long day.

a present from kev's sister..eileen. paired pigs! each for both of us.. but i stole them both when we were moving out of our Vista place.. (hehe..evil.. ) i think i'm the one giggling....kua..see got so long eyelashes!! and kev is the cool cool pig, duwan to smile wan.. with a heart in his pocket.. i hang these both right above my head while i'm sleeping. maybe they're the ones causing me to have such weird dreams all these while..hmm ...

and don't worry kevkev.. the camera is in good condition!! it served its duty well thus far..taking wondrous pictures... show you more when u finally come over ok?? i know he misses his chun camera, but it'll be back in his hands soon before i know it! jaga-ing it like its a real baby.. starting to get attached to it also.. i think after this, i can't accept any other camera already..

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Saturday, 20 September 2008
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Dear Caryn,

Caryn is the fattest pig in the world! And i absolutely love her! X)
Missing you my dear honeybunch. Now that i know how hard it is to actually earn some money, I think my decision not to come over to you was a right one. Cause it would worth a 100 times more if i were to earn the trip myself. So, prepare yourself as we'll meet end of next year for our trip then. Lots of love fatty poop.

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Monday, 15 September 2008
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here's to all the rabbits who died in magicians' hats...

freaky and lovely.. love it!!! =D

after so long, i finally watched the last episode of so you think you can dance season 4.. was reluctant to watch the finale as i didn't want it to end..now i know the winner, i can rest peacefully. sigh. no more SYTL until nex year! will definitely miss it.
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Monday, 8 September 2008
carebare cake? patrick star cake?
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My first baking experience at Belfast!! Apparently each of my housemates already baked at least once, with each of them having a signature cake..so Patrick suggested that we bake one too, to also celebrate my coming to Belfast! (although that was 3 weeks ago but, anyway... )

So out this recipe came from his big cookbook via internet! don't expect our cake to look like the one in their picture though.. we didn't follow the recipe exactly, with doing abit of our own modifications here and there. (we are improving the recipe itself k!) and the prep and cook time 1 hour only is almost impossible lar.. unless you're Flash.. or Night Stalker.. =.=
so..here goes! Noobster chef to assist you through creating *MAGIC* with a noobster step by step directoryyyy!

instead of using berries cos they are so mahal, we used strawberries instead! they were free..courtesy of somebody =p so..

Step 1 :mash all those mouth watering strawberries with all your might (using potato masher will do) till the fruits float on the juices like so.. si? then u add wid much of de sugareeee...comprehende? *gestures hand frenchly*

the correct position of mashing.

step 2: seperate the lovely juices from the succulent fruits into another bowl. *ahem*potential hand model..maybe?

Then, get 4 eggs from the carton, and recommended to use your inner qigong power to seperate the egg whites from the yolks. As you will be mixing them seperately with alot of other stuff like cooking oil.. . .. .

and.... .. other stuff. =.=

together with those eggs..just mix them all up with ample amount of flour,baking powder, sugar and raising flour! then pop the "elixer" into the oven, preferably to 200 degrees celcius, for 20 minutes.

while the cake is a'bakin and a'raisin, we brew up our cream that will soon envelop the whole cake. ingredients are, cream cheese, more sugar and .. *secret* hehe. our own addition to the recipe.. (the secret ingredient IS edible..if i can read your mischevious minds..) It tastes just beautiful ..yogurtastic! as you can observe from patrick's silent "mmmmmm" expression.

even i can't help but steal a few (about 10...*blush) mouthfuls.. nyam..

it is best to refrigerate the yogurt and strawberry sauces into the fridge, about as long as u think is best..the longer the better actually i feel. so that it'd be thick once you bring them out of the fridge.

Step 4 : pour the yogurt firstly on the first layer of the cake. Then, just put the 2nd layer on top of it and go crazeeee!!!!!!!!!!! just coat every curve of the round cake as you transform from this...




to this!!!

doesn't the cake just looks gorgeous? with the creamy stawberry yogurt gracefully dripping at every corner and glistening brightly as the sunlight hits it..even my stomach's growling now as i'm typing this.. (seriously..)

caught in the act. seriously it wasn't me, the yogurt makes me not think straight..

Step 1000 : Splatter the top of the cake with the remaining fruits that was put asidein any shape or form . i chose the star shape! (don't ask me why..randomly did it) err.. it does look kinda gross now but seriously! its very delicious wan! Its best if you put the whole cake in the fridge again, as its best eaten when its chilly.. true dessert form. *salivates like siau lang*

squabble squabble.. "Name it Patrick cake lar.. it looks like Patrick the starfish from Spongebob Squarepants, and you're wearing red wert..same as the topping!" "But its suppose to be done for you mar.. walau u also wearing red wei. Carebare cake!!" sigh..hidden drama behind the kitchen.. OR

so the verdict was...

"carebare cake"

*i still think it looks like patrick*