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Wednesday, 20 August 2008
second day
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first things first...my luggage was found!! was delivered to our doorstep this afternoon. so relieved.. *sighs contentedly*
today was the day when we were to walk around belfast, and the town area.. familiarise ourselves. million thanks to patrick, senior/housemate, who was more than accomodating to us. he was our dependable "tour guide", showing us the way to everywhere and helping us with everything. felt so paiseh to trouble him the whole day today.

ok, now my house from outside on Edinburg Street..which is just further down by few houses. every unit is quite narrow. has a small gate in front of each unit.

Elmwood Hall,in front of University Belfast. Was formerly a church, then it was leased to Ulster Ochestra, to become a concert hall. Belfast has many of these kind of buildings that pop out here and there. All the churches look like that. dam nice rite??

can see my uncle,mum and Patrick walking towards the Queen's Student Guidance Centre. Had to get confirmation of accomodation letter from them to open bank account, at Northern Bank. its one of the major banks here, other than Ulster Bank. quite ma fan.

University Road, which is further down from the university.. alot of pubs and clubs this road. that's where all the students go wild. haha. the students hostel is nearby only. there are also alot of restaurants and fast foods like kebabs and such. there's even chinese restaurants! they're everywhere seriously. along the shops, from time to time, some Emerald Restaurant will pop out.

LAVERY... apparently its a famous club here.

spotted this shop at university road.. caught my eye! its actually a piercing shop, if u can understand why.. =p

lo and behold!!! the myth is broken.. the legend is not true.. there's actually KFC in Belfast! and also Burger King.. Subway, DOMINO's, Pizza Hut, McD... there are quite a decent amount of fast foods here. alot of eating places as well, especially italian restaurants. but so PRICEY!! for us at least..

fish and chips. probably my first UK English meal? last night doesn't count cos we take away chinese food near my place wan. about 3.50 pounds. its alright, nothing too special. the fries were huge though. bigger than my middle finger, and the peas were fresh.

see the feris wheel??? its called the Eye of Belfast, supposedly when you're up there, can see all of Belfast. 6.50 pounds for one ride. didn't ride it though.

i was shocked! Tesco Metro in this kind of building??

most importantly, it was sale sale SALE!! hehe.. crazy discounts seriously, even for us is cheap. the famous place to shop, Primard (i think thats the spelling...) which is mostly where youngsters go for shopping. its a madhouse once you get in. even with four or five cashiers at a row, the queue line stretches 50 m long. i bought a long, white pants for 3 pounds imagine that!! and coats and jackets from as cheap as 10 pounds, nice ones probably 17 pounds. alot of large sizes leftover only though.. guess the smaller ones sold out. the extreme was right opposite, Marks and Spencer! where when u step in, u feel 30 years older straight away... seriously all old people wan. and its super pricey. only the underwear was cheap =.=

Belfast City Hall! majestic bulding. every corner of it was beautiful. sighs.