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Thursday, 21 August 2008
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Simple dinner for one of the nights. their pork sausages are divine here...so meaty and flavourful.

that's where i'm going behind there! well, literally i'm not.. cos this is the main building and my lectures and CSU's won't be held here.. chis.

No sight of other human beings around, cos still summer break. all courses start mid september.. ding dong medicine must start earliest.. 25 august.. sien!!
This memorial in front of the university is dedicated to the university staff who sacrifced their lives for the war during 1939-1945
Looks like some royal family lives here.
Belfast City Hospital. This will be where i'll be going for the first 6 months for my General Surgery and Medicine postings. I was fortunate to get this hospital, as its only 10 minutes walk from my place. Whereas Royal Victoria Hospital is like 3o minutes walk. These are the two main hospitals we'd usually get, but apparently there are 30+ hospitals to get attached to. Ya, crazy.

The slice of heaven in ikea.. second to Indulgence's chocalate fudge. Costs 1.25 pound.. but so so delicious...the center part chocolate's taste and texture is like ice cream with crumbly biscuit at the top and bottom. sighz

Attempting to cook. Stir fry vege and oven-baked trout and lamb with rice. No more food like these once my mum and uncle leaves..

yummy rainbow trout. Over here its cheap...-er!

Okok, i didn't do any of it alone. I was more of the sidekick actually. Haha!
Patrick (senior/housemate)

My slightly defected room. Not for the claustraphobic. Room so small, that when i jus stretch my arm up, i'd already touch the ceiling and the front of the bed is blocking the drawers making them unopenable. No space even after trying to change positions of the furnitures..

Well, other than that..i'm satisfied. =)