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Sunday, 3 August 2008
last night out.. ?
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It has been quite some time that i met up with the girls, the last time being somewhere around May. There's always excitement and eagerness to see each other as by the time we actuallly meet up, so much has been going on in our lives. So much to catch up on.. We always look forward to long grandmother stories.. hehe.

And finally, a change of location... from 1 Utama (our ALMOST only hang out place) to bangsar. Unfortunately, two frustrating incidents happened before the night started..

1. drove into the bangsar street, and there was a long line ahead of me. so all i could do was wait behind the line as close to the front car's backside right? then there was an UGLY, RAINBOW-COLOURED wira, at 90 degrees angle to my backside. i was blocking like 1 inch of his way as he wants to go to the other side of the street. instead of waiting... he moved SLOWLY and METICULOUSLY aiming at my butt, .. pushing and tilting the car slightly to catch my attention. i turn back and he was gesturing to me violently to move forward.. (ignored, and loook front. )
lucky no scratch..

2. when i found a parkin space at the side of the road right in front of the bistro, i thought i was very lucky la.. eagerly parked into the yellow rectangle.. then, i HAVE to be ambushed by two indian men(1 of them kinda big, look like bouncer) who just blurts >sepuluh ringgit! sepuluh ringgit!< .... yups. that's my parking fee. they look pretty illegal though.. hmm. (paid the fee, was still in shock)

yups yups. that got me low for a while there.

drama aside.. we went to the telawi street bistro.. literally, at telawi street bangsar. quite a modern slash laid back look the whole place.

took the girls about 7 minutes to look through the drinks, can't blame them though.the menu has about 200 items.. seriously. just on drinks and cocktails alone. as for me, i zoomed straight to non-alcoholic, so easy task on my side! ( mua = driver of the night ).

i ordered quite a weird combination of ingredients though.. slow breeze - banana, grenadine (i still dunno wats that), apple.

rm15 for this puny amount of fruit juice.. it was tasty though. sweetness like multi-flavoured lollipops being melted and poured into the cup. *sigh* yums for me, but it all ended too fast.

now, the highlight of the night..introducing the culprits.

annaaaaa banaaanaaaaa.... cute, fun, warm, humorous, displays momentary insanity from time to time.. definitely someone you should have around for any party. appreciates wine .. ALOT.

soo leng aka white belalang.. sweetest girl u can ever find. she is my liason. either same par of blurness or higher level than me. (hehe) still, very VERY independent as well as caring, loving. small stomach, big appetite.

ish ish..shy in front of the camera. that hasn't changed.

saumeng aka nicole..can be very shy, humble, soft-spoken. but dynamic once you get to know her. best friend since standard 5. full of spunk when triggered appropriately. loves shopping, food tasting and girl outings.


"let me touch your heart.."

Had saumeng and sooleng sleeping over my place after that. let's just say we only ended up sleeping for ONE hour. literally saw the day getting brighter and brighter. it really felt like old times again, with our pillow talks.. and late night dvd movie..(watched sex and the city.. love love the movie!! though the dvd was quite blur) and irritating saumeng with the camera.

through out the night was wondering.. whether we'd have another of these moments soon.. or only next year. i'm so ever going to miss them.. hope its not the last night for us. ..


sooleng : "do the goldfish pose. open your eyes big big and ..pout!!"