10:20 pm
Monday, 18 August 2008
foreign belfast
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just reached belfast 2 hours ago.. worst day of traveling in my whole life. this journey can win the award hands down. 13 hours flight to london which i sat between two strangers, 3 hour wait for belfast flight..
feeling all weird in my head, neck and abdomen already.. and the greatest news of all, MAS "displaced" our 4 luggages that we checked in, which they promised to strait away send to belfast for us. and... all my clothes are inside..books... toiletries, books...books..laptop battery charger.. so, i have a limit of usage of my laptop for now..
nuff' said. here are the pics..

just reached the london airport..can see the hustle and bustle of humans.
the amount of people taking this flight was unbelievably huge!200 3oo
people?apparently its a "jumbo plane".

yum!! chocolate dispenser! at a price of 2 pounds a bar!!
no thanks..

saw these chairs at one the london airport terminals.
those shoe-polishing chairs? wonder who are the patrons... looks creepy!

when we were in the tazi on the way to my house, got to look at streets and the town.. the buildings are old-looking and beautiful.. didn't take pictures as it was
dark.i'll just show my house pics ya.

this is the entrance door, going into a narrow corridor. notice the KELUAR sign up there? haha, can literally on it wan.

the entrance continues directly to the stairs. and on the right there are two doors, one to jay's room and the other to the living room and kitchen.

here is where the kitchen lies. definitely well-equipped. has most of what u need. and can u see the door there at the back? thats my room! =)

i like the living room couches.

so.. upstairs is lidet lor

and... here's proof that i already reach belfast.

ok.. cant write anymore. seriously feeling vertigo..nites! tomoro settle my luggage problem first thing morning. please oh please.. don't be gone forever, or for more than 1 week.