1:30 pm
Friday, 1 August 2008
errand day
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today was a day of errands to do.. for myself. and a million thanks to my partner-in-action, who chaffeured me to the various places i have to go. smacks to pinkshirtz.. i'm glad to say that now, my many items on my checklist things-to-do has been.. checked! whee!

1. get a laptop ( went to pc fair today at 11.30am, can see floods of people gushing into entrance doors at kl convention centre. scary.. and the heat of the day wasn't helping also. nevertheless,aimed for a max 4k laptop tats appealing both in fx n style.. and i finally bought it! its my baby now.... muak muak)

2. thumbdrive ( from 512mb brandless thumbdrive to a 4gb Data Traveler.. quite an achievement!)

3. VISA ( my gosh, the most irritating, frustrating, fun-sucking thing to do.. preparing all those documents for my UK visa.. sucked all the fun out seriously. worrying nonstop whether it'd be approved and it'd be delayed, then i'd have to delay my flight, prepare my documents again trying to find out wat went wrong.. . maybe i was exaggerating after all, but i was told they were really strict and there has been cases of senior's visa being declined at first try though documents seem solid. finally, ITS DONE!! went to collect it right aft pc fair. >to those who are wondering where it is, its jus opposite BANK OF CHINA, nxt to CITIBANK at jalan ampang..wisma MCA 19th floor<

4. contact lens (my power has increased unfortunately.. from 250 to 300.. kudos to myself for reading in dim light, watching tv too closely.. and i chnged my brand from acuvue 2 to oasys. apparently can wear longer tru out the day)

5. maxis broadband bill ( well, not really my errand la but kevin's. he has been dying to just pay his broadband bill,scared his internet cut off.)

6. found out my room at Belfast has a window.. (i am still connected to the outside world) and i received pictures of it from my seniors.. looks quite cosy! the furniture looks alot like ikea's though.. apparentlly its slightly bigger than the smallest room at vista.

this will be my home for the nxt 3 yrs. hope all goes well .... be optimistic caryn!!! =)