1:30 pm
Tuesday, 5 August 2008
"a a" and "f f"
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shedded tears again today.. for two friends. With a heavy heart, we bid each other farewell.. back to kuching and kedah.

each hug that was embraced, and each goodbye that has to be mentioned today, solidify the fact even more that i will be leaving soon too..

i just have to blink my eyes one more time, and i would be sitting at my seat in MAS, hearing the captain's "good mornings" and "welcomes".. through the speakers as i look out the window..with the urge to jump out of the plane, kissing the ground and never going back in..

i wish.

Have a strong feeling on that day, fear will consume me.. i will vomit alot and feel suicidal..


12 more days to go..