11:16 pm
Sunday, 31 August 2008
1st week
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it has been one week since i updated and last Monday was my first actual day of starting my year here in Queen's Uni..
from enrolment, to finally meeting Andrew >apparently he was a DJ-ian too!
went to Taylor's as well.. then to IMU..and then, here. creepy coincidence!<,
to meeting other Asians in the batch >only 20 inernationals out of 270 students
at most, and all sitting in one row. feel segregated!< ,
to 9am-3pm lectures >all the lecturers speak really fast, like bullet train.
have to constantly fork out extra energy to grasp every word they're saying< ,
to regular doze-off moments in the lecture hall >around 50 times already?<
to reaching weekend!!! >the most important component of the week. it'll be very much cherished from now onwards..<

every other time that i am not in lecture, not out buying grocery, or to the city,not eating or sleeping, i'll be in front of my baby, online-ing.favourite pastime as of now!

..or downloading series that i can get my hands onto. hooked on Project Runway and America's Next Top Model season 10 now.. and i'm watching So You Think You Can Dance finale right after this post! =) (i love Twitch and Mark!drools*)

..or indulging with my current addiction to these Bramley Apple Pies... gorgeously, wonderfully sweet, enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

last night was officially the FIRST time i cooked at Belfast with absolutely very very minimal amount of help.. hehe. going to have to cook every day already, time to get used to that.

Strips of chicken with onions. added a cocktail of sauces into it.. haha. turned out not bad, edible =p

cabbage with carrots..can't get too wrong with vege.

green bean tong sui. thanks to jenghaw, tongsui master of the house for brewing it up for everyone after dinner.

don't the strawberries look pretty?? actually had to finish up the strawberries before they spoil. =p