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Sunday, 31 August 2008
1st week
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it has been one week since i updated and last Monday was my first actual day of starting my year here in Queen's Uni..
from enrolment, to finally meeting Andrew >apparently he was a DJ-ian too!
went to Taylor's as well.. then to IMU..and then, here. creepy coincidence!<,
to meeting other Asians in the batch >only 20 inernationals out of 270 students
at most, and all sitting in one row. feel segregated!< ,
to 9am-3pm lectures >all the lecturers speak really fast, like bullet train.
have to constantly fork out extra energy to grasp every word they're saying< ,
to regular doze-off moments in the lecture hall >around 50 times already?<
to reaching weekend!!! >the most important component of the week. it'll be very much cherished from now onwards..<

every other time that i am not in lecture, not out buying grocery, or to the city,not eating or sleeping, i'll be in front of my baby, online-ing.favourite pastime as of now!

..or downloading series that i can get my hands onto. hooked on Project Runway and America's Next Top Model season 10 now.. and i'm watching So You Think You Can Dance finale right after this post! =) (i love Twitch and Mark!drools*)

..or indulging with my current addiction to these Bramley Apple Pies... gorgeously, wonderfully sweet, enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

last night was officially the FIRST time i cooked at Belfast with absolutely very very minimal amount of help.. hehe. going to have to cook every day already, time to get used to that.

Strips of chicken with onions. added a cocktail of sauces into it.. haha. turned out not bad, edible =p

cabbage with carrots..can't get too wrong with vege.

green bean tong sui. thanks to jenghaw, tongsui master of the house for brewing it up for everyone after dinner.

don't the strawberries look pretty?? actually had to finish up the strawberries before they spoil. =p

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Saturday, 30 August 2008
first week
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Sorry for not updating as frequent as i should.. nothing too interesting happening. Well, just that my first classes just started this week! This whole week was an Introductory Week for me. lectures all day. monday was enrolment though
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Monday, 25 August 2008
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feeling.. alone.

missing kev..

missing home..

missing.. noise.

and its been only a week.

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Thursday, 21 August 2008
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Simple dinner for one of the nights. their pork sausages are divine here...so meaty and flavourful.

that's where i'm going behind there! well, literally i'm not.. cos this is the main building and my lectures and CSU's won't be held here.. chis.

No sight of other human beings around, cos still summer break. all courses start mid september.. ding dong medicine must start earliest.. 25 august.. sien!!
This memorial in front of the university is dedicated to the university staff who sacrifced their lives for the war during 1939-1945
Looks like some royal family lives here.
Belfast City Hospital. This will be where i'll be going for the first 6 months for my General Surgery and Medicine postings. I was fortunate to get this hospital, as its only 10 minutes walk from my place. Whereas Royal Victoria Hospital is like 3o minutes walk. These are the two main hospitals we'd usually get, but apparently there are 30+ hospitals to get attached to. Ya, crazy.

The slice of heaven in ikea.. second to Indulgence's chocalate fudge. Costs 1.25 pound.. but so so delicious...the center part chocolate's taste and texture is like ice cream with crumbly biscuit at the top and bottom. sighz

Attempting to cook. Stir fry vege and oven-baked trout and lamb with rice. No more food like these once my mum and uncle leaves..

yummy rainbow trout. Over here its cheap...-er!

Okok, i didn't do any of it alone. I was more of the sidekick actually. Haha!
Patrick (senior/housemate)

My slightly defected room. Not for the claustraphobic. Room so small, that when i jus stretch my arm up, i'd already touch the ceiling and the front of the bed is blocking the drawers making them unopenable. No space even after trying to change positions of the furnitures..

Well, other than that..i'm satisfied. =)

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008
second day
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first things first...my luggage was found!! was delivered to our doorstep this afternoon. so relieved.. *sighs contentedly*
today was the day when we were to walk around belfast, and the town area.. familiarise ourselves. million thanks to patrick, senior/housemate, who was more than accomodating to us. he was our dependable "tour guide", showing us the way to everywhere and helping us with everything. felt so paiseh to trouble him the whole day today.

ok, now my house from outside on Edinburg Street..which is just further down by few houses. every unit is quite narrow. has a small gate in front of each unit.

Elmwood Hall,in front of University Belfast. Was formerly a church, then it was leased to Ulster Ochestra, to become a concert hall. Belfast has many of these kind of buildings that pop out here and there. All the churches look like that. dam nice rite??

can see my uncle,mum and Patrick walking towards the Queen's Student Guidance Centre. Had to get confirmation of accomodation letter from them to open bank account, at Northern Bank. its one of the major banks here, other than Ulster Bank. quite ma fan.

University Road, which is further down from the university.. alot of pubs and clubs this road. that's where all the students go wild. haha. the students hostel is nearby only. there are also alot of restaurants and fast foods like kebabs and such. there's even chinese restaurants! they're everywhere seriously. along the shops, from time to time, some Emerald Restaurant will pop out.

LAVERY... apparently its a famous club here.

spotted this shop at university road.. caught my eye! its actually a piercing shop, if u can understand why.. =p

lo and behold!!! the myth is broken.. the legend is not true.. there's actually KFC in Belfast! and also Burger King.. Subway, DOMINO's, Pizza Hut, McD... there are quite a decent amount of fast foods here. alot of eating places as well, especially italian restaurants. but so PRICEY!! for us at least..

fish and chips. probably my first UK English meal? last night doesn't count cos we take away chinese food near my place wan. about 3.50 pounds. its alright, nothing too special. the fries were huge though. bigger than my middle finger, and the peas were fresh.

see the feris wheel??? its called the Eye of Belfast, supposedly when you're up there, can see all of Belfast. 6.50 pounds for one ride. didn't ride it though.

i was shocked! Tesco Metro in this kind of building??

most importantly, it was sale sale SALE!! hehe.. crazy discounts seriously, even for us is cheap. the famous place to shop, Primard (i think thats the spelling...) which is mostly where youngsters go for shopping. its a madhouse once you get in. even with four or five cashiers at a row, the queue line stretches 50 m long. i bought a long, white pants for 3 pounds imagine that!! and coats and jackets from as cheap as 10 pounds, nice ones probably 17 pounds. alot of large sizes leftover only though.. guess the smaller ones sold out. the extreme was right opposite, Marks and Spencer! where when u step in, u feel 30 years older straight away... seriously all old people wan. and its super pricey. only the underwear was cheap =.=

Belfast City Hall! majestic bulding. every corner of it was beautiful. sighs.

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Monday, 18 August 2008
foreign belfast
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just reached belfast 2 hours ago.. worst day of traveling in my whole life. this journey can win the award hands down. 13 hours flight to london which i sat between two strangers, 3 hour wait for belfast flight..
feeling all weird in my head, neck and abdomen already.. and the greatest news of all, MAS "displaced" our 4 luggages that we checked in, which they promised to strait away send to belfast for us. and... all my clothes are inside..books... toiletries, books...books..laptop battery charger.. so, i have a limit of usage of my laptop for now..
nuff' said. here are the pics..

just reached the london airport..can see the hustle and bustle of humans.
the amount of people taking this flight was unbelievably huge!200 3oo
people?apparently its a "jumbo plane".

yum!! chocolate dispenser! at a price of 2 pounds a bar!!
no thanks..

saw these chairs at one the london airport terminals.
those shoe-polishing chairs? wonder who are the patrons... looks creepy!

when we were in the tazi on the way to my house, got to look at streets and the town.. the buildings are old-looking and beautiful.. didn't take pictures as it was
dark.i'll just show my house pics ya.

this is the entrance door, going into a narrow corridor. notice the KELUAR sign up there? haha, can literally on it wan.

the entrance continues directly to the stairs. and on the right there are two doors, one to jay's room and the other to the living room and kitchen.

here is where the kitchen lies. definitely well-equipped. has most of what u need. and can u see the door there at the back? thats my room! =)

i like the living room couches.

so.. upstairs is lidet lor

and... here's proof that i already reach belfast.

ok.. cant write anymore. seriously feeling vertigo..nites! tomoro settle my luggage problem first thing morning. please oh please.. don't be gone forever, or for more than 1 week.
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Saturday, 16 August 2008
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ok.. so this is how it looks like at 1.19am.. during packing frenzy..


boxes are filled with my books that i want to bring there.. although been filtering and filtering,its still so heavY!!! and in the semi-giant luggage bag>the left one< stuffed with lotsa lotsa clothing...whilst the giant luggage bag sits comfortably with only minute amount of stuff in it..

yes.. this is hand carry. how will i even pass through??


the seeming bed that i sleep on with accompaniment of ...stuff. just a pile of rejected clothes which i am not bringing with me. somewhere among the clothes, you can see a bottle of rejected Pantene shampoo also.. too heavy on my limited baggage weight sory!

And here are FEW items i purchased recently as well.. (there are more items,but i put in the bag already lar.. lazy to take out just for blogging..)

the cutest pair of socks that i had to get my hands on.. just rm8 in forever 21! cute right?was thinking whether the cashier keyed in wrongly, cos i thought the pricetag reads rm25.. just love love the cherries at the side! kawaiiiiii


thank u to someone who got me this bag.. muaks! >secret santa will never be revealed...kekeke< can't rid myself of my fondness to canvas and ruggard bags..though trend of leather bags is thrown at my face, tried to convert myself.. but the heart likeys what it likeyS! even my old momoe bag that's already dirty and torn and colour slightly fading, many has been telling me to just throw it and stop using it.. but i feel the bag just grew on me and became a part of me.

.and special request by angel to put my crocs in my blog (though she seen them already) supposedly to wear for hospital.. looks comfy? don't be deceived! devilish black crocodile! roar! my feet bruised already after wearing it whole day today walking around.. ish ish. probably have to soften the rubber more by wearing it more often? i hope so.. but socks definitely don't go with these.. =.=

3:29 am
thank u
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getting all set, all geared up for uk.. is a very MA FAN thing to do.. but there's a certain someone who has neverendingly(from time to time coupled with hesitation..hehe) helped me through the process of everything.

okok .. just a hint who he is... he likes cabaret.

a candid one. literally scavanged my picture folders trying to find a solo picture of him..wat to do, he's always the photograper.
Thank u... for helping me complete my visa application.
Thank u... for helping me unpack my vista room, and helping to carry the boxes back to my place.
Thank u... for driving me to collect my visa, and driving up and down ipoh, round and round kl. eventhough u just slept 5 hours the night before...i know how frustrating it was.
Thank u.. for being patient sometimes while accompanying me to buy my stuff (i know how u hate shopping for other people's barang!)
Thank u... for taking me to our newly appointed ghost town to do my letter of good conduct..the weather wasn't helping at all. with its scorching heat, killing us slowly. like ants.
Thank u.. for driving down now all the way from ur pj place to mine, making u take away ur sister's car. i know u've been driving on and on (x100) for the past few weeks..
and thank u... for stealing every moment to be with me.. every single day since holiday started. it really means alot.. =)
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Thursday, 14 August 2008
my muimui
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