4:27 pm
Thursday, 31 July 2008
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Like it?????? After 2 hours of googling blog templates, finding the best rated ones, trying them out realising that the alignment is all screwed up,.... finally, i found it! well... still quite a mediocre template.. and shady the tree? does it hold any relevance for me? hmm.. maybe not. but i do get easily burnt ..so.. shade me up pls! i'll get fond of it soon enough.. or i'll just change the picture once i do a suitable one.

blogging is definitely still foreign to me.. finding it hard to express willingly and openly. one thing for sure, i miss 'them'... saying goodbye to .. my second family is definitely a heart wrenching, tear-busting experience. one by one, they leave me.. first james, then muimui.. will see fiona and aaron one last time too before they leave.
miss dota together, movie together, crazy together, crying together, laughing together..
kevin.. will be the hardest of all to deal with. it'll tear me up inside... can't imagine how it'd be like on the very day i leave, and the months to come without him by my side.